Forest Station is a Vermont-based bluegrass group born in the Rocky Mountains and realized in the Greens. Its blend of high energy, tight pockets, and just enough improvisational grease will scratch your itch for real, honest bluegrass. 

Guitarist Eli Martell-Crawford and mandolinist Alex Skowron began playing together in Bozeman, Montana in 2019. At the base of the Bridger Mountains, they formed a communicative musical bond that has resulted in innovative string music spanning the traditional ideal and pushing a unique style into unknown territory. 

A move east to Vermont introduced life changes, ambitions, and musicians. After meeting local banjo mainstay, Thomas Bryce, the three began formulating musical ideas and a blueprint for the ideal Bluegrass band. Thomas's driving banjo rolls and traditional sensibilities brought new life to their existing catalog and forged a new sonic path forward. Shortly after, they were joined by Bassist Finn Lester-Niles, and Forest Station was chartered. With Finn's multi-genre background and formidable dynamics, the band can drop into cavernous improvisational moments and blistering Bluegrass standards.   

Their writing partnership, love for the natural world, and appreciation of Bluegrass music (and beyond) yields reflective music steeped in the mountain ranges, landscapes, and forests that surround them; literally and figuratively.  

Photo By Katie Palatucci